Our Team


sony tran

A DJ and our main producer. He was the supporting DJ to DJ BL3ND, DJ Juicy M, Mighty Fools & Sak Noel and toured around Europe’s big cities such as London, Paris, Prague and others.



WeMake's singer and songwriter born and raised in Dresden. She is recently one of the main songwriters of Universal Music Publishing.



WeMake’s media person. Hieu is responsible for photography, video making and design.

IMG_7050 - Poster.jpg


Our youngest team-member, a prodigy DJ and producer mainly working with Trap, Hiphop and reggae styles. Currently, Schwarz is also developing himself at WeMake.


tuan phong

Another WeMake’s DJ and producer. His musical style varies between RnB, Hiphop, EDM and Bass House. Currently, he is developing himself, writing and producing his own tracks at WeMake.



Our producer focused on EDM, Trap, Deep House, Vina House and Bass House. He is a DJ at Clubs in Berlin such as Adagio, E4 and others. He also collaborated with major Vietnamese shows in Berlin like Baylennao.